Antti Savio.

Just wanted to share this link to a good friend of mine - Antti is one of the most amazing automotive sketchmachines i've ever met.


Skoda Vision D - Geneva 2011.

A new era for Skoda - updated logo, fresh corporate design and a new concept car, showing the future design direction. Really cool to see the rollout after months of hard work!

Skoda Bohemia - Design Process.

Sketchwork and presentations from the design process of my diploma thesis.

Early projects.

First Photoshop Sideview: Laureat Concept

Silbervogel Gravity Racing Car - CAD Project

Student project in cooperation with Honda: Honda Grand Tourer FCX.
Realisation as 1:4 hard model

Six-month internship with Hyundai Europe Design, Rüsselsheim.
Development of an exterior design, realisation as 1:4 clay model


Five-month internship with Skoda Design, Czech Republic.
Two exterior design proposals in quarter scale

Audi Icon: Student project, developed in cooperation with Audi Design.
Hard model, 1:3 scale